Science is searching for its soul; spirituality is seeking its intellect. In ages past, each has delivered a lonely monologue. At times, these two voices have been discordant. Now both pursue what the other already offers. This is the play unfolding on humanity's stage. Quanta-Gaia is science, spirituality, and the cosmic unity embracing them both.


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What is this site all about?
What is Quanta-Gaia?

Welcome to Quanta-Gaia. You are probably asking yourself: What is Quanta-Gaia all about? Well, i'm not sure there's a quick answer to that, but i know you are trying to quickly determine if this site is worthy of your time, so i will be as succinct as possible.

This site is about science, it is about spirit and spirituality, it is about philosophy, and it is about how these are all inextricably tied together. Now right away i have no doubt turned off some of you by mentioning the words "science," "spirituality," and "philosophy" all in the same sentence. These disciplines have been at war long enough. More can be learned by uniting them than by continuing the schism. No doubt that the word "science" is the line of demarcation for most. After all, it is not "scientific" to talk about spirit or soul, now is it? And if you are into spirituality, philosophy, or perhaps even the paranormal, you probably take a jaundiced view of anyone talking about science -- those "ignorant," "negative," "skeptical" types.

Well it's time for this petty bickering to stop. No matter which side of the fence you are on, there is something to be learned from the other side. Each side is at an impasse, though neither side really sees it. I came from the "science" side myself. I used to deride the "nuts" on the other side. But a funny thing happened to me on my scientifically self-righteous journey: i stopped and listened to what science was telling me, and to my surprise it said: "Hey bud, this world is a lot different than you think. In fact, nothing is really what it seems." I then realized that many of today's leading physicists were sounding like mystics, and like the shamans of certain "primitive" societies.

With this realization, i began to ask the bigger question: What does this all mean? And: How did this come about? This site is about shedding some light on those questions and coming up with a few answers. It is partly about laying a scientific basis for spirituality, philosophy, and even the paranormal. It is also about understanding what science really is, the role it currently plays in our society, and about tempering "scientific" fanaticism. Not every paper of Quanta-Gaia deals with these issues directly, nor with science. Some papers are included simply because they are consistent in their overall scope with Quanta-Gaia's ideology. Examples of this are Mark Twain's essays, and some of the papers in the John Dobson site.

Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, and even the Paranormal are all complementary disciplines. Unfortunately, there are charlatans in each who discredit their field. The paranormal charlatans give it such bad press that i hesitate to even mention it, but i think that there are proportionately as many scientific charlatans in our society. Unfortunately, the scientific charlatans are socially acceptable so they actually get good press rather than bad. Being in positions of importance in our society, they may inflict greater social harm than the paranormal charlatans. Every society has its witch doctors; ours is no different.

Quanta-Gaia, in summary, is a place where science and spirituality meet and play. Science alone is not enough for humanity, but any spirituality in opposition to science is nearing the end of its life. Quanta-Gaia is science, spirituality, and the cosmic wholeness which embraces them both. It is where mind and matter blend -- where dreams become real and reality is but a dream.

What does "Quanta-Gaia" mean?

Quanta-Gaia's etymology is straightforward: Quanta is from "Quantum Mechanics," a branch of physics dealing with subatomic particles. Gaia -- also spelled Gaea -- is the Greek goddess of the earth. In modern usage it refers to the "Gaia Hypothesis" -- the view of the Earth as a living organism. Quanta-Gaia, while firmly rooted in science, is tempered by a holistic and spiritual view of the Earth and the Cosmos. (Quanta-Gaia is pronounced: kwon-tuh gay-uh.)